Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot sign up?

Please make sure that you have used a valid email account. If your email address includes punctuation or other uncommon symbols, you can contact our online service to activate your account.

I have not received my verification email?

Please check your spam inbox first, or you can click the Resend button to trigger another activation email. If there’s still nothing, please contact us.

Can I cancel a withdraw request?

Yes you can cancel a request if it still has a "submitting" status, once the withdraw has been processed you cannot cancel. Please contact support to see if there is anything we can do.

Can I see my trade history?

Yes you can! If you log in to your account and click the history button you can see the history of your trades, deposits and withdrawals.

Can I see the status of my withdraw/deposit?

You sure can, if you log into your account and click the currency you wish to check you will see the status of your deposit or withdrawals!